Three Makes Baby Podcast


Enhance your bonding and attachment to your baby by using this visualization before or during pregnancy.

Three Makes Baby Audiobook, Exercise #12, is narrated by the author, Jana Rupnow, and will help you to overcome any obstacles making it more challenging for you to bond with your baby.

Three Makes Baby Podcast

Kyle, Raised by a Single Mom Always Knew about his Donor Conception

Kyle’s perspective is fantastic! He shares his experiences being sperm donor conceived and raised by a single mom and we do a deep dive into several important topics around the topic, like, telling your child about their conception and avoiding the learned shame that a stigma can cause in family life.

Parents commonly tell me they want to wait to tell their child until they are teenagers but Kyle has advice for parents. (You’ll have to listen to hear it.) 😉

Kyle also explains how uncovering previously unknown genetic information added value to life and explored the reasons that tracking half-siblings are important. Listen to @threemakesbaby podcast on Apple podcast or your favorite podcast platform.

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Three Makes Baby Podcast

Vince Speaks Openly About Male Infertility & Lead a Support Group for Other Men

Fifteen years ago, Vince received news from a doctor  that he had “complete azoospermia” and he describes how confusing and shocking that moment was. 

He openly speaks about infertility to help other men with issues that impacts men with male factor infertility like masculinity, passing on the family name, and how society impacts a man with infertility, especially the imposed shame. 

He also leads a support group in Ontario, Canada and is involved with Donor Conception Canada. Vince (@vincelondini). 

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Three Makes Baby Podcast

Brittany’s Discovers Her Donor Keeps Donating

Brittany used an egg donor to conceive and bravely shared her feelings about letting go of the biological child she couldn’t have.  She’s back to share an update and some frustrating information about the egg donation process that she learned during her pregnancy.

Donors are supposed to be limited to a certain number of donations both for health risks and long-term family management issues. In other words, to avoid the complications that come with having an unmanageable amount of half-siblings.  Unfortunately, this limit is not enforceable and intended parents must rely on the ethics of agencies, clinics and banks.

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Three Makes Baby Podcast

Gail, a Mom Via Sperm Donation, Advocates for Change in the Field

Gail, a mom through sperm donation, advocates for regulation and legislation in donor conception. Gail lives in Australia and was appalled to find out her daughter has over 100 half-siblings. She shares her daughter’s feelings about donor conception as well as some unpleasant truths about the practices that occur in the field.

Three Makes Baby Podcast

Kerry Pursues Embryo Adoption & Open Relationship

Kerri and Chris independently pursue embryo adoption after failed fertility treatments with their biological embryos. Kerry explains the process of independent or self-directed adoption, which is adopting without the help of agency facilitation.

Kerrie is open with their child and has an open relationship with her donors, allowing her son to know his half-brothers from a young age.