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Welcome to Three Makes Family, a community of support for parents raising their children with a few different genes.  p.s. for the kids too.

You may be wondering what a few different genes means? Well, we know that our DNA is roughly 99% the same but that other 1% makes us unique. The 1% shows on the outside with things like hair and eye color and skin color and shows up on the inside with things like learning style and personal interests. So, having a few different genes makes a child different from mom and dad. You could be different from your family genetically through adoption or through step-parenting. There are so many ways to make a family and with infertility affecting 1 in 8 couples, families are using medical treatment to become parents. Infertility can mean that a couples reproductive organs are working correctly, so they aren’t capable of forming a healthy child. It is a difficult disease to deal with and sometimes the only option a couple has is to use another persons reproductive cells (egg or sperm) to have a child.

It’s our vision to create a community of positive support for families raising children that aren’t fully genetically related. This includes families formed by adoption, donation, or with a gestational carrier. We are an ALL inclusive group and do not discriminate by marriage status, sexual preference, ethnicity or age. The only requirement is LOVE but  other emotions come up. Emotions like fear, grief and shame are real so let’s talk about it. My daughter “bopped” me at first which wasn’t a happy emotion. You can read about the bopping in my article about grief called Grief Speaks First.

Three Makes Family is for you if you are:

  • Trying to Conceive using egg donation, sperm donation or embryo donation.
  • Preparing for Assisted Pregnancy using a gestational carrier or surrogate.
  • Preparing for Adoption using traditional adoption methods domestic, international or embryo adoption.