I'm Jana Rupnow, Author of Three Makes Baby

I wrote Three Makes Baby after seeing hundreds of people trying to conceive with little resources to help guide them.  I needed more time with my clients to help them explore the emotional, social and psychological complexities that I observed.  The best way to get more time was to create a resource for them, hence, the publication of Three Makes Baby.

I developed my concepts, teaching tools, and observations based on decades of professional experience and personal experience as an adoptee and adoptive parent.

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Resources and Parent Education


Three Make Baby will help you emotionally and socially process challenging aspects of using a donor to conceive whether you are thinking about the option or already a parent to a donor conceived child. 


In this accessible workbook, self-tests, pointed questions, and journaling will help readers learn to apply the concepts outlined in Three Makes Baby-How to Parent Your Donor-Conceived Child.

Three Makes Baby Podcast

Fertility psychotherapist, Jana Rupnow, interviews parents, donor conceived individuals and professionals about the challenges and dilemmas of assisted reproductive technology baby-making and the expect-able tensions between positive and negative feelings that come along the way when, instead of baby makes three; three makes baby.

Jana is a licensed professional counselor and consultant and has helped thousands of people facing the psychological and social challenges of infertility as well as those preparing for third-party family building and adoption. She received a bachelor of science from Texas A&M University and a master of arts, in professional counseling from Amber University.

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