This is probably a hard time for you. Some days I bet you are really angry and some days you probably just want to avoid people. Maybe it’s easier for you to reject that which rejected you or blame someone else for your situation. “We are slow to believe that which if believed would hurt our feelings.” (Ovid) Maybe you feel so much pain, that for a brief distraction, you decide to inflict pain on others. You probably wonder why this is happening to you. Maybe you even think you did something wrong.

You didn’t. One of the hardest lessons to deal with is not “making the cut”, being left out or feeling like an outsider. For some reason, we begin to think that we are inferior while believing that other people’s lives are perfect. Neither one is accurate. Almost everyone eventually feels left out or different or not good enough. It’s what makes us human. Ironically, while we are drawing lines between ourselves and others with competition and comparisons, we ALL feel the same stuff behind closed doors. Next time you feel left out, reach out to someone else who has felt the same (that’s everyone) and do something kind for them.

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