Finding Meaning from Infertility

After a long blog break, I am excited to announce the formation of our new company, offering natural and organic skin care products and cosmetics.  I see this as an extension of my current work with those facing infertility.   Women do all they can to create a healthy pregnancy, even before conception.  As more research becomes available about the harmful effects of chemicals in beauty products, more women are looking for natural alternatives.

In addition, my business partner and I wanted to give back to those effected by infertility and will donate part of our profit to RESOLVE.


Shhh, We Don’t Talk About Infertility

I didn’t put infertility in the title of my blog.  No, I’m not in denial (although that popular defensive mechanism has settled in me at times).  Instead, I want to present the positive aspects of infertility while also acknowledging the not-so-positive, not-so-talked about topics.
So why aren’t we talking about it, ladies?  I have had quiet conversations with many women struggling with infertility, both behind closed doors and in close friendships.   I had a slightly different experience this weekend.  I ran into an old acquaintance at a wedding and during a brief conversation of catching up on the past 18 years, she shared with me that she is having trouble getting pregnant.  In a speedy, small talk exchange?  I was pleasantly surprised by her open, matter-of-fact approach to sharing this painful subject.  I felt instantly comfortable sharing my own experience with infertility.  What was missing from this exchange was any trace of shame, embarrassment or non-verbal secret sharing. What a breath of fresh air.