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Dates for our fall workshop will be Oct 19, 26, Nov 2 and 9 from 6:30-7:30 pm CST (Zoom link provided in email)

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Some things feel scary and with Halloween near, I thought I’d use this motto:

Don’t get scared, get skilled!

This 4-week online workshop helps you learn skills to build healthy family narratives and interactions around the topic of donor conception. I will teach a variety of skills such as how to foster open dialogue, learning to listen, learning to see through the eyes of your child, and allowing feelings. We will cover how expectations can be the enemy of growth and common questions parents have about DNA testing, telling their story, privacy vs secrecy and more. We will explore the juxtaposition of the parent and child narratives, experiences of grief and family loyalty.

Connect in small, intimate groups with other recipient parents. A supportive learning environment is my priority!

The workshop includes hard work. Its curriculum is designed to challenge you and may push you outside of your comfort zone.

During the workshop, you’re going to learn how to understand your child’s potential feelings. I’ll cover:

  • Learning to listen
  • Creating space for your child’s emotions
  • Skill development

Learning to Listen

First, we’re going to cover learning to listen. This is important because listening is harder than we think. It requires us as parents to clear a space, basically get our junk out of the way. Here’s what you need to know about learning to listen: We have to first  UNLEARN some things. We will get into that in the course.

Creating Space for Your Child’s Emotions

Next, we’ll talk about creating space for your child’s emotion. This is important because it goes beyond good listening skills. It requires some detective work. We will discuss this in our first zoom call.

Skill Development

Finally, we’ll discuss how to build skills. Skills are how we put theory into practice and we will do several practical exercises including role playing and script work to create a plan for you

This workshop will keep growing too!

The curriculum will keep evolving, growing and include controversial topics as they happen. It is led by Jana Rupnow, a clinically and personally informed perspective and author of Three Makes Baby. Information provided will be evidence-based when at all possible. Keep in mind that evidence-based information may include surveys and polls. It will be clear when it is published research vs original research.

All materials used will be owned by Jana Rupnow, through Trademark law or used with permission by the original content creator. In that case, the original content creator will be given due credit.

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