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My expert testimony for Washington Bill 5348

The vote is tomorrow‼️ Can you help spread the word in the DC (parents, DCPs and donors)community to email Washington senators to pass bill 5348? Here’s a list of Emails: 

Chair: Manka Dhingra (D, District 45) –
Vice Chair: Yasmin Trudeau (D, District 27) –
Ranking Member: Mike Padden (R, District 4) –
Assistant Ranking Member: Jim McCune (R, District 2) –
Jamie Pedersen (D, District 43) –
Jesse Salomon (D, District 32) –
Jim Honeyford (R, District 15) –
Keith Wagoner (R, District 39, Republican Whip) –
Patty Kuderer (D, District 48) –

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